• Learn a new skill
  • See the sun rise at the top of a mountain trail
  • Figure out for yourself how something works
  • Draw, paint, or tell a story

To do each of these things, you will start on a journey. And on that journey, you will explore new things, go to different places, and learn about yourself. Sometimes you may make a wrong turn, but because you are prepared, you will be confident that you can solve any problem. At your destination, not only will you appreciate the rewards of your accomplishment, but you will realize that you've been on an adventure and it was fun!

This is the core of Scouting -- to learn while doing -- rather than being afraid to try because you don't know how. This was BP's (the founder of Scouting) goal when he used the lessons gained from training soldiers to form a movement that prepares youth for life's challenges.

And it's even more fun when the youth themselves think up and lead their own adventures! Whether you are 5, 15, 25, or 65, your will never forget the adventures you've had and friends you've made in Scouts.